About Us

Natures Collection is an online retailer of high quality, unique, branded toys and gifts. We buy our products from established brands from USA, Europe and UK. We pride ourselves as the largest soft toys supplier based in Singapore, offering from the cute & cuddly to the most realistic handcrafted plush in the industry. In line with our corporate goals of supporting the conservation of Nature, Natures Collection has the widest collection of Nature and Wildlife toys and gifts, ranging from plush, educational toys, animal figurines, eco-friendly wooden products, puzzles and many more unique merchandise.

Back in 2005, when the company was established, the market was flooded with licensed character and mass market toys. There was a lack of good quality, safe and unique toys that provided the true value of what toys should be. A growing child requires the warmth of a soft toy to cuddle and communicate; a toy that helps build his motor skills and hand coordination; the ability to play and stimulate the creativity of his mind.

Natures Collection carefully select the toys that provides these unique features and quality. All the toys exceed International Toy Safety Standards. Our product range includes Plush toys – from the cute and cuddly to exotic and realistic looking ones, Animal figurines, Puzzles and Games, Arts and crafts, Educational Wooden toys and Home decoration (furnishing, designer clocks, plaques, collectible figurines). Reputed European/UK/USA/Japan brands such as Bullyland, Enesco, SUNLEMON, GUND, babyGUND, Hansa, The Learning Journey, and WWF are also sold.