What is better than receiving a present? Unwrapping it, of course! ✨

Delight your loved one by getting your gifts wrapped, then share their joy and surprise when they find out the wonderful present you got them! ?

Besides.. Getting the wrapping paper, measuring the perfect size, and then having to wrap an oddly shaped gift… Gift wrapping is such a time-consuming and tiring task. ? Why not simplify this process by letting us do it for you? And at zero cost too! ?

Our gift wrapping services are available for items from keychains to 17 inch plush toys. The images below shows the various sizes of soft toys we can wrap for you, as well as the design of the wrapping paper:

Now, you can just pass the gift to your loved one right after it gets delivered to you! Even better, deliver it right to their doorstep, wrapped in beautiful paper ? (not just a dull delivery box). Online shopping has become much more convenient with us here at Natures Collection.

Other than ordering online, you can walk in to our office, pick a gift, and we will wrap it for you on the spot. Our showroom is at 16 Kallang Place #05-01/02/03, Singapore 339156.

? Hurry up! Buy your gifts now and get it wrapped for free before our offer ends on 31st May! ?